For every application, West Michigan Compounding can engineer the correct thermoplastic custom compound. Our expertise and rigorous lab testing ensure every final product meets your standards. Browse the datasheets below to view a list of our current products. If you do not find the exact compound you require, contact us and we will discuss how to formulate the product you need.

Grade TypeGrade NameFillerFeatures
PP HomopolymerEnviroPro 1505T3030% Talc FilledHigh Stiffness
PP HomopolymerEnviropro 1505T1010% Talc FilledHigh Stiffness
PCEnviroPC 2012UnfilledGeneral Purpose
ABSEnviroLac 530UnfilledGeneral Purpose
ABSEnviroLac 530GF1510% Glass FilledGeneral Purpose
ABSEnviroLac 530GF2020% Glass FilledGlass Filled
ABSEnviroLac 530GF3030% Glass FilledGlass Filled
ASAEnviroASA 1125UnfilledGeneral Purpose
N6 NylonEnviroNylon N6General Purpose
Nylon 6EnviroNylon N630GF30% Glass FilledGeneral Purpose
Nylon 6EnviroNylon N6GM4040% Glass/MineralHigh Stiffness
Nylon 66EnviroNylon N66UnfilledGeneral Purpose
Nylon 66EnviroNylon N6633HSL33% Glass FilledGeneral Purpose
Nylon 66EnviroNylon N6633HSREC33% Glass FilledRecycled
PBTEnviroPBT 1001FUnfilledLow Viscosity
PCEnviroPC 1512UnfilledGeneral Purpose
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 2010LGUnfilledLow Gloss
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 2090 HSLHigh Impact
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 3018G1616% Glass FilledHigh Stiffness
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 5010IMUnfilledHigh Impact
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 5012UnfilledHigh Impact
PC/ABSEnviroPCABS 5080UnfilledHigh Impact
PC/PBTEnviroPCPBT 3212UnfilledHigh Impact Resistance
PP CopolymerEnviropro 0202Unfilled
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1002Unfilled
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1020GF1010% Glass FilledChemically Coupled
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1020GF3030% Glass FiberChemically Coupled
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1020GF4040% Glass FilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1020GF4545% Glass FilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1415GF2020% Glass FilledChemically Coupled
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 1504M15MineralHigh Impact, Dimensional Stability
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2010UnfilledNo Break
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2010TF4040% TalcHigh Stiffness
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2014TF1010% Talc FilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2014TF1313% Talc FilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2014TF2020% Talc FilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2014TF20 ISO20% Talc FilledHigh Impact
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2510MGFGlass/Mineral FilledHigh Stiffness
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 2515GMGlass & MineralsHigh Stiffness/Low Warp
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 3002UnfilledGeneral Purpose
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 3002UVUnfilledUV
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 3003UnfilledHigh Impact
PP CopolymerEnviroPro 7520TF18Talc FilledHigh Impact
PP HomopolymerEnviroPro 1505T2020% Talc FilledHigh Stiffness
PP HomopolymerEnviroPro 3010GMGlass & MineralsHigh Stiffness
PP HomopolymerEnviroPro 5714G40Glass FilledHigh Stiffness
PP HomopolymerEnviroPro 6012GF3030% Glass FiberGeneral Purpose
TPVEnviroTPE 80AGeneral Purpose
TPEEnviroTPE 90A
TPOEnviroTPO 2010T20Talc FilledHigh Impact
TPOEnviroTPO 2512
TPVEnviroTPE 75AInjection Grade